Welcome to the first new edition of the London Star 2019.

We are launching today on Friday 13th in honour of the unusual circumstances under which The London Star has risen again.

My name is Maxwell Feed, Owner and Editor of The London Star and the circumstances under which I arrived in this position are worth mentioning.

Some of our readers will be familiar with my previous exploits as a famous London based psychic detective working alongside my dear friend, the renowned Mystic, known only as Mel.

Mel recently informed me that he has received a visitation from the spirit of one Mr John Murray who had a message for me.

It turns out that Mr Murray been searching for 7 years to find a psychic medium powerful enough to receive the message and so, in a sense, we are a little behind schedule here and so we hope you will apologise for the rushed format of this new edition of The London Times- the matter will be rectified at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime, we must take quality of content, over form.

And what was this urgent message, I hear you ask? Well, Mr Murray told Mel that I must start his newspaper, The London Star (or some form of it at least), back up.

Naturally I asked for the intention behind this demand and the information I received will astound you.

You see, Mr Murray claims that the world ended on December 22nd 2012 and nobody noticed and so The London Star must enter back into circulation with a fresh mission statement- to use our abilities of Psychic Investigation to uncover the hidden truths behind the international media conspiracy in order to show the world that the world has ended- and I added a sensible sub-mission statement as a condition of taking on this role: Alternatively to get to any other truth behind John Murray’s reappearance.

One can never be too careful and one must never take things at face value.

Maxwell Feed,

Friday 13th, 2019

Editor of The London Star